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Click Here to download the Volunteer Application Form  -pdf file

Click Here to Download the Information Brochure for Volunteers 2009 


Development Concern Centre (Decc) is a registered Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) Based in Ghana, West Africa. Decc carries out development projects in rural and urban communities. The organization has a viable and vibrant volunteer programmes and student placement programmes. Decc invites students, volunteers, tourists and interested people all over the world to participate in its programmes and activities in Ghana. The programme for the students’ internship, volunteers, tourists and donors are below:



  • Decc places volunteers in schools to teach: Primary schools, Junior Secondary schools and Senior secondary schools.

  • The organization identifies needy children and helps them to attend formal schools.

  • Decc provides basic learning materials to needy children too.


 1  2

 Decc’s Visitor from Washington DC

holding a child in rural community

These children were supported and sent

to  formal schools


  • RESEARCH                                              

*   Volunteer research programme

*    Student research programme

*    Individual research programme

*    Research on natural resources etc.



*    Promoting African culture

*    Teaching traditional dances

*    Cultural Exchange

*   Helping the traditional dancers to perform live

*Documenting the traditional dances onto CDs



*    Training Bee Keepers on Bee keeping

*     Making Bee hives

*    Harvesting honey

*   Sewing Bee keeping dresses

*    Farming



*    Identification of natural resources such as; clay, tea, bee keeping, medicinal herbs etc



* Identifying tourists attraction sites

* Send tourists to the attraction sites

* Provide means of transport for tourists (small fee payment for fuel)

* Provide accommodation to tourists if they are stranded or frustrated

* Tour with tourists to see interesting and wonderful things and culture of the indigenous people .There is a fee payment for the tourists programme.


  • HEALTH       

* Safe motherhood activities in rural communities

* Health education in rural communities

* Hygiene

* Sanitation

* Clinical work

* Hospital work



* Video shorting

* Movie production

* Printing photographs on CDs

* Editing films/movies

*Burning programmes on CDs

* Training people on the above mentioned programmes

* Training film actors and actresses



*Peace advocacy

*Peace Education and campaign



* Writing reports

*Filing documents



Our volunteer and student programmes are short and long term. The short and long term ones are all available. The volunteers and students will have to make their own choice for the period they will like to stay.


The major aim of this programme is to work with volunteers and students who will like to help make positive impact on the socio economic status of marginalized and poorest people in Ghana and their own lives.


Volunteers and students are orientated before placement, this takes some few days. It is interesting and lovely to volunteer or carry out studies in Northern Ghana. Join us to enable us improve the lives of the poorest and marginalized people.


Certificates are awarded to volunteers and students after they have finished with their stay or work in Ghana.



Please, if you wish to change the lives of the poorest people, marginalized people, sick and the deprived people, kindly help or donate.


Innocent Needy children need food, school uniforms, medicine, school Bags, pencils, shoes/sandals, computers, Health materials, footballs etc. Rural people need Ambulance to carry sick and accident victims. Poor people need used or new clothes. Donate now.Marginalized women need, clothes, Income Generating Activities, Bee hives, Bee keeping uniforms, and money etc.Your help is appreciated.


Innocent children, women and poorest people are dying every day due to lack of the following:

  • Drinking water

  • Food

  • Health

  • Education

  • Peace

  • Parents

  • Clinics


Do you want to change or save lives? Do you want to sponsor one or more of the above mentioned things? Contact Decc for arrangements: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


  • Sponsor a needy child or children educationSponsor a school buildingSponsor a clinic buildingSponsor a Bee Keeping projectSponsor Bee Hives production for marginalized rural womenSponsor any Income Generating Activity for poor womenSponsor a safe motherhood  project in rural communitySponsor a water project(digging a well for a community)


Cost Involved





2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks


5 weeks-8weeks


Extra weeks






































Application Deposit - $200 - An application deposit is required along with the application to process your application. This is not a separate fee but is part of your total fee.


Included in the Volunteering fee is:


- Airport pickup in Accra, 2 night’s accommodation and one day orientation

- Airport drop

- Three day introduction including a tour of the town

- A Cultural welcome night in a local village

- Induction into your program

- Transportation to and from programs where appropriate

- Accommodation with a host family

- Breakfast and an evening meal

- Organization T shirt

- Free Welcome Trip to mole national park


Not included: -


-Travel Insurance

-Visa and Visa extension fee

-Airport taxes

-Any personal expenses

-Gifts to project staffs and host family






Start Dates.

Start on any date! Decc provides complete flexibility and you can start on any date on the year to join our programs.

To register for any program you’ll need to complete our online application form with a registration fee of $200 to confirm your registration




All volunteers are advised to contact the Ghanaian High Commission or Consulate in their country and apply for a tourist visa before traveling to Ghana. If you decide to stay longer in Ghana, you can extend your visa after you arrive. Extension is obtained from the immigration department in Ghana. It is Volunteers responsibility to get the visa themselves.



When do I need to arrive in Ghana for my program?

Ans. Volunteers can arrive on first week and last week of each month of the year but we will like volunteers to book their flight day in between Thursday to Saturday. Our program runs all year round.



Q. What will happen once I arrive in Ghana?

Ans. Our staff will be there to meet and pick you up at the airport from where you will be taken hostel depending on the time of your arrival.


Click Here to download the Volunteer Application Form  -pdf file

Click Here to Download the Information Brochure for Volunteers 2009


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