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Brief information about Northern Region of Ghana.

Northern Region is the largest Region in Ghana in terms of land area. Specifically, the Region has a total land area of about 70,384, which is approximately 30% of the total land space of Ghana. It lies in the Savannah belt.

Northern Region is bounded to the North by the Upper East and Upper West Regions, to the South by Brong Ahafo and Volta Regions, to the East by the Republic of Togo and to the West by the Republic of La C’ote d’Ivoire.

The Region has eighteen (18) Districts that are widely distributed, with disparity in population across the districts. The districts serve as the basic units of Local Government Administration, and these form the hub and coordinating units for the programmes and activities of Decc. Northern Region has a lot of natural resources which include, tourist attraction sites, typical traditional dances, bee keeping and wonderful cultural activities. However, the available natural resources are not tapped and used to develop people in the Region. Due to the under utilisation of the abundant natural resources, Decc is inviting international volunteers into the region to help alleviate poverty.

Demographic Profile.

The ultimate aim of Decc is to improve upon the quality of life of the population. It aims at development, and development means developing people.

Historically, Northern Region has been noted for it’s traditionally and rich culture that has been evidenced by masses of visitors and tourists. The population of the Region was 531,600 in 1960. In 1970, the figure rose to 727,600 and in 1984 it stood as 1,164,583 people. The 2000 population and Housing Census returned a total population of Northern Region as 1,820,806, depicting an increase of 56.3% over the 1984 figure. Population Growth rates in Northern Region have often been among the top three Regions since 1960.

Northern Region is one of the regions in Ghana where the most typical tradition and rich culture are found.


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