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Bee keeping

DECC has constructed bee hives for one hundred and twenty poor women and one hundred peasant farmers in the Northern Region. This was purposely done to empower the deprived women and their children. There is food insecurity and extreme poverty in the marginalised rural communities in the region and this compels some of the women to migrate to urban and city centres for luggage carrying which is popularly known as “Kayaye” These migrants some times do return home with HIV/AIDS.

Bee Hive sponsored by DECC.



uinea fowl rearing

In 2007, DECC trained eighty five people on Guinea fowl rearing. This programme is aimed at mitigating malnutrition among children. The Programme is also minimizing poverty among the disadvantaged communities.

Guinea fowl rearing training organised for Tarikpaa people.

Other Modes of Income Generation

DECC raises its funds through the following activities:

CD burning

  • CD body printing

  • Video editing

  • Video/film shooting

  • Designing flyers/leaflets

  • Graphic designing

  • Film production, and

  • CD Label


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