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Activities of DECC
  • Training women on bee keeping and making bee hives for them.

  • Supporting the performance of typical traditional dances.

  • Training rural people on Guinea fowl rearing and providing local made incubators.

  • Carrying out research on the natural resources and documenting them simultaneously.

  • Orientating volunteers and assigning them to various activities/ rural people, needy children etc.

  • Training poor women on business management and assisting them financially to carry out Income Generating Activities.

  • Supporting rural folk to preserve the existing tourist sites in Northern Region, and

  • Identifying needy children and assisting them to attend formal education/schools.

  • Identifying new tourists’ attraction sites in Northern Region and making the result known to the public and tourists.

  • Offering accommodation to volunteers/tourists(depending on agreement)

  • Sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences with development oriented organisations.


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